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                                    Product Overview

                                    BlossomPure Organic is your one-stop shop for all your organic and nutritious grocery needs! 

                                    We have the biggest selection of certified organic grain-fed chicken, grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as pasture raised turkey, chicken and ducks in the GTA.

                                    Check out the full catalogue of groceries here.


                                    100% Grass-Fed Beef
                                    We source our beef from a local group of conscientious Mennonite and other small farmers, all within a 100-mile radius of our shop.

                                    We are known as the home of 100% grass-fed beef from start to finish.

                                    In the spring to fall seasons, the cattle graze on pastures (that are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides) and in the winter months they receive hay. They are never administered medication or hormones, and their diet contains no grain or animal by-products. Grass-fed meat is high in Omega-3 and in Keratin. 



                                    We get our lambs from the same certified organic farm in Huron County, ON (and onwards!) that we have since 2003. The lambs are born in the spring, weaned naturally after approximately 3 months, and then graze out on pasture until the cold weather and snow arrives. They are harvested from September until March and are tastier and leaner then barn raised and pellet-fed lamb. 



                                    Chickens are peckers by nature, and their main diet is grain. They will also eat grass, worms, and stones. We offer both certified organic and free-range, pasture-fed chicken.

                                    Organic Chicken
                                    Our organic chickens come from small, certified organic farms in Quebec. They are raised free-run indoors with an abundance of space to move around in. When they are around 30 days old, they are given access to an outdoor area, weather-permitting. They are fed a certified organic grain diet.

                                    Turkey and Pasture raised Poultry:
                                    Our pasture-raised turkey, chicken and ducks are raised outdoors by local Mennonite farmers within a 100-mile radius. They are free range and have full access to fresh air, sunshine, and fresh grass daily. They are fed GMO-free grain and the grass they access has never been sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Also, they have never been given hormones or antibiotics.


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                                    Our meat and poultry are available whole, half or in variety of cuts; 

                                    Beef and Organic Chicken: available fresh or frozen year-round.

                                    Lamb: fresh from September to March and frozen year-round.

                                    Pasture-Raised Chicken: fresh from June to November and frozen after that (while quantity last).

                                    Turkeys, Ducks: fresh on Thanksgiving and before Christmas and frozen after that (while quantity last).


                                    Deli Meat and Cold Cuts
                                    Our deli meat is made from our own meat and according to our own recipes and specifications. Our deli meats have no fillers, nitrates or gluten. We have over fourteen different varieties.

                                    Cold cuts: turkey breast, chicken breast, chicken loaf, roast beef, bologna, salami, pastrami, beef bacon, and four varieties of beef loaf.

                                    Breakfast Sausages and Hot Dogs: both beef and chicken.

                                    Pepperettes and Summer Sausages: made from 100% beef trim and in five different flavors.



                                    Wild caught Fish
                                    We only carry wild caught fish, and are working toward having only sustainable and Ocean-Wise certified fish. We never carry farmed fish.

                                    We carry Alaskan and B.C. Halibut, Sockeye salmon, sliced smoked salmon, Haddock, Cod, Sole, Snapper, shrimp and scallops.


                                    Pasture-Fed and Free-range Eggs
                                    We only sell pasture-fed free-range eggs. They are healthier and they taste much better.

                                    The hens’ coop is placed in the middle of the pasture and is moved around every few days. The hens have free access to fresh air, sunshine, and fresh grass during the day. The grass they access has never been sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They have also never been given hormones or antibiotics.

                                    Most farmers feed the chickens certified organic grain, and so the eggs are therefore sold as Organic. Some farmers feed the chickens GMO-free grain and these eggs are therefore sold as GMO-free eggs.


                                    Homemade Pickles and Jams
                                    Our pickles and jams are made from local organic and/or pesticide free vegetables and fruits. Local Mennonite certified kitchens preserve them. We provide them with the necessary organic ingredients for the entire process.

                                    The jams and spreads are made with organic cane sugar, and the pickles are made with sea salt. 


                                    Mennonite & Amish Products
                                    We carry a wide range of products from local Mennonite and Amish family farmers including:

                                      1. Beef: 100% Grass-fed from start to finish.
                                      2. Poultry: Pasture-fed chicken, turkey and duck.
                                      3. Lamb: Free-range 100% grass-fed (similar to the organic lamb). We buy this when our Organic farmer is unable to supply us with enough Organic lamb.
                                      4. Pasture-Raised Organic and/or GMO free eggs
                                      5. Produce: in-season organic and/or pesticide-free produce.
                                      6. Maple syrup: Organic (harvested from certified organic farms) and non-certified organic maple syrup.
                                      7. Honey: pure, raw, and unpasteurized.
                                      8. Homemade pickles and jams.
                                      9. Organic cereal puffs and stone ground flours for bread and pastries.



                                      For any questions you may have, and to learn more about BlossomPure and the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, or come by and visit us. We look forward to meeting you!

                                       All products carried at BlossomPure Organic are Halal. 






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