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    Our Mission:

    To deliver wholesome, nourishing, and ethically sourced food products, grown by local conscientious Amish, Mennonite and small farmers, directly to those who crave it - all at a fair price!



    Why Shop at BlossomPure?

    1. We have extensive knowledge that was accumulated since 2002 from dealing directly with farmers and customers both as distributors and as a retail store.

    2. That knowledge enabled us to source out clean and trusted products that customers have been looking for; so you can shop with us with full confidence that your interest and concerns have been looked after.

    3. Integrity and transparency: we will disclose any information about our products and we will make sure that the products you buy will meet your needs and expectations.

    4. We partner with local farmers: we believe that local food is the most nourishing to our body and everyone should have access to it in order to protect our health and help reduce our carbon foot print.

    5. We operate with integrity and are committed to fair pricing with our farmers and our customers.

    6. We uphold high standards of quality in the prepackaged grocery foods that we carry. We do not carry any conventional local or imported products, or any products that we would not buy for ourselves.

    7. All of our meat is sourced from 100% GMO-free farms.

    8. The founder and CEO of BlossomPure maintains a close connection with his local farmers, and visits some of them 2-4 times a month.

    9. We are a trusted source of information in the organic food, meat, poultry, and halal food industries.







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