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Benefits of Drinking Chicken/Beef Bone Broth

Benefits of Drinking Chicken/Beef Bone Broth

Bone broth is a great addition into your daily regime for fighting a cold, building immunity or even for overall health improvement. In this blog, we will be discussing the health benefits of consuming bone broth, especially bone broth from Organically-fed and Pasture-raised poultry and 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb.

Bone broth is a protein-rich drink brewed from the meaty joints of an animal, most commonly beef and chicken, but it could also be made using turkey or lamb bones. Bone broth is different to stock as it requires a lengthier amount of time to cook, usually taking approximately 12-24 hours to prepare. Bone broth is best made in a slow cooker with seasonings, vegetables and herbs of your choice to suit your unique palate. 

There are many health benefits associated with consuming bone broth, a few are:

- Great source of beneficial amino acids

- Helps reduce inflammation

- Supports production of anti-aging molecules in the body 

- Strengthens the immune system


What makes BlossomPure Organic's bone broth special? 

All our animals are raised ethically and fed a diet that is intended for them. Our chickens are never fed GMO grain, soy or corn. Our Organic Chickens are fed organic grain while our Pasture-raised Chickens feed on mostly insects, grass, and some organic grain. Our beef is raised 100% Grass-Fed from start to finish and are never fed medicated food or grain. 

Product quality is important to us at BlossomPure, that is why we make our bone broth fresh, in house, and freeze it immediately after to preserve its freshness and quality. We carry Organic Chicken Bone Broth, Pasture-Raised Chicken Bone Broth, Organically-Fed Turkey Bone Broth, as well as 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb bone broth.

To get your bone broth, visit us at www.blossompure.com or at 100 The East Mall, Etobicoke.

If you'd like to make your own, feel free to chat with our friendly and experienced store associates who can guide you through the process of making the best bone broth catered to your needs and wants!

BlossomPure Organic 
Local, Ethical & Grass-Fed
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Our contribution: Benefits of our Membership Plans

With all the changes in the new year, we are happy to announce a change that is positive! BlossomPure Organic has launched a new premium membership that our dear customers will benefit a lot from. 

With great sadness to say we are in a time that has negatively affected many people’s health due to the Coronavirus. However, it has also inspired many people to take steps towards improving their health. With the advent of our recent lockdown people have made amazing changes to benefit their health. According to Vida Health, “Vida Health activity data from more than 10,000 users show its members are more health-conscious since the outbreak of COVID-19”

Based on their data they found that: 

  • Gym closures haven’t held people back from being active; daily exercise minutes have increased 43%
  • Food logs have increased 49%, showing that members are more aware of what they’re eating and are taking the time to log their meals


So how can BlossomPure Organic help you with your health journey?


We believe that the most important change a person can make towards improving their health and helping in preventing diseases is the food that they choose to consume. In my experience, I realized that most of the products available in major grocery stores can be actively harmful to personal and social well-being. This is due to conventional products being unethically sourced, which undermines the livelihood of local farmers, and farm workers, and is detrimental to the welfare of animals, soil, and water reserves on account of the use of pollutants. Additionally, mass-produced goods can be full of unnecessary preservatives, fillers, and synthetic ingredients, and can easily contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) - all intended to increase quantity at the expense of quality.

With our BlossomPure's premium membership, you will be able to get healthy, organic, products delivered to your door, absolutely FREE of charge across GTA and surrounding areas (Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill), you will be saving upto $1500 in value as well as exclusive promotional email offers. You can also sign up for the lite membership and save 50% OFF the delivery charges.

We think eating healthier and ethical food will positively improve your good health. By joining our growing number of customers, and becoming a premium member, it will be the best new year resolution anyone can make. 


Save 50% on your new premium or lite membership by being ONE of the FIRST 200 people to register.


To register visit:  https://www.blossompure.com/pages/blossompure-membership 

We are looking forward to you joining our BlossomPure Organic Family! 






Fahim Alwan
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FRESH 100% Ontario Lamb


We currently have fresh Ontario Lamb in stock this week

Available through in store walk-in or orders!

Anas Alwan
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Upcoming Ottawa & Montreal Deliveries!

Do you live in Ottawa or Montreal? Here is the information for our next deliveries! 

Shop BlossomPure


Our Next Drop Off Locations and Dates:


Free Deli Package

When you place your ORDER BY Saturday June 2nd 11:59 PM EST

  • DEADLINE for all orders is Thursday June 7th
  • You can pick up your order on Friday June 15th after 4pm from Mr. Sub on 1910 St. Laurent

How it works for Ottawa:

  • Shop online and place your as soon as possible
  • Your order must be at least $150 ($10 shipping) or if it is above $300 (FREE SHIPPING)


Free Deli Package

When you place your ORDER BY THURSDAY MAY 31st 11:59 PM EST

  • DEADLINE for all orders is Sunday June 3rd
  • A logistics coordinator will meet with you on Saturday June 9th

 How it works for Montreal:

Free Shipping

  • Order $100 - $200 Shipping charges = $20.
  • Order $200 - $300 Shipping charges = $10.
  • Order $300+ = FREE SHIPPING
  • You will receive details regarding where & when to pick up your order on the delivery day.
  • Please make sure that you are available to receive your shipment on Saturday June 9th, at the time agreed upon with the logistics person. If he could not reach you, then any delay will be subject to a daily charge of $5. You will then have to pick up your order from the logistics coordinator's location. 

    Bon appétit. Enjoy our products!

    Shop BlossomPure

     If you have any questions, please contact us here or call us at 905-891-2005

    Blossom Pure
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    BlossomPure At The 2017 RIS Conference!

    RIS Conference


    We at BlossomPure were delighted to have been present at the annual RIS convention this year, which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We thought we would share a few photos!


    BlossomPure Organic RIS Booth

    We greatly enjoyed being visited by our customers, and getting to meet people from all over the world, who came to Toronto just for the conference! We were very happy to spread awareness about the importance of eating healthy foods, the ethical treatment of animals, as well as supporting local farmers.


    BlossomPure Local Honey


    At our booth, we sold and sampled our famous pepperettes, as well as some of our locally-sourced Mennonite products including honey, maple syrup, jam, and pickles!


    BlossomPure Gluten Free Bars


    We offered samples of all flavours of our beef and turkey pepperettes, and received an overwhelmingly positive response! We were also pleased to have some gluten-free snack bars available :) 


    Shop BlossomPure


    Thank you very much for stopping by our booth! We are thrilled that so many of you enjoyed our products!


    Local Creamed Honey



    Blossom Pure
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    Visit Our Booth At The RIS!


    BlossomPure Organic will be present at the annual RIS convention this year! The event is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

    If you are attending, be sure to stop by booth #729 in the Grand Bazaar!


    BlossomPure Organic RIS Conference


    We will be sampling and selling all flavours of our popular beef & turkey pepperettes as well as a variety of our other products.

    We are looking forward to answering as many inquiries you may have and receive your feedback on any of the products you may have sampled! :)


    BlossomPure Organic RIS Booth


    Aside from pepperettes, we will be selling many of our locally-sourced Mennonite products including honey, maple syrup, jam and pickles!

    We will be accepting cash, VISA, and debit.


    BlossomPure Local Farm

    See you there!
    Blossom Pure
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    Organic Thanksgiving Turkeys Available - 6.49/lb

    Organic Thanksgiving Turkey

    Organic Thanksgiving Turkey Available!

    Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, BlossomPure has provided halal organic turkeys- raised on pasture on local farms, foraging for delicious organic seeds and grains all summer. We are now taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys! Only $6.49/lb - order yours while supplies last. (Note: $50 deposit required for pre-orders)

    Call us at 905-891-2005 or visit our store to place your order today, and stay tuned for recipe ideas. (Tip: pair your roast turkey with local organic root vegetables and squash to create a spectacular seasonal meal!)

    Blossom Pure
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    September on the Farm - Pastured Eggs

    Here at Blossompure Organic, we source our eggs from local Mennonite farms. These pastured hens spend their days roaming freely, with access to sunshine and fresh air. Their coop is placed in the middle of the pasture field and is moved around every few days. The hens have fresh grass to pick from during the day that has never been sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and are also fed certified organic grain. They are never given hormones or antibiotics.

    This video was taken by Fahim Alwan (Founder of Blossompure). He visits his farmers frequently to maintain a strong connection.

    Blossom Pure
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    September on the Farm - 100% Grass-Fed Beef

    Fahim Alwan (Founder of Blossompure) visits his farmers frequently to maintain a strong connection. Here are some recent pictures of our 100% grass-fed cows, roaming freely on local pastures!


    BlossomPure Local Farm

    BlossomPure Local Grass-Fed Beef

    BlossomPure Grass-Fed Beef


    Here at Blossompure, we source our 100% grass-fed beef from conscientious Mennonite and other small farmers within 100 miles from our shop.

    The animals are free-range. They have never been given hormones or antibiotics, nor had animal by-products or GMOs in their feed. They graze on the pasture during summer and are fed hay in the winter. We work closely with the farmers to naturally enhance the animal breed and increase healthy fats in the meat.

    Blossom Pure
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    15th Anniversary Celebration BBQ!

    Dear Customers,

    On Saturday, September 23rd, Blossompure Organic will be hosting a BBQ in celebration of 15 years of providing local, fresh, ethical foods.

    Join us from 12-5 PM and enjoy the taste and quality of 100% grass-fed BBQ'd beef hot dogs and patties, try out demos from our suppliers, and take home a gift bag of samples! (First come, first serve)

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    BlossomPure Organic BBQ


    East Mall Industrial CT, Unit 15

    100 The East Mall

    Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2

    Blossom Pure
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    This Is Where Our Pastured Chicken Eggs Come From!

    At BlossomPure we carry pastured chicken eggs from local Mennonite farms. Here is a glimpse...

    The video was taken by Fahim Alwan (Founder of BlossomPure). He visits his farmers frequently to maintain a better connection.

    The farmer's children help on the farm and use a pony-powered cart to get out to pasture!


    Blossom Pure
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    Imam Zaid Shakir: Support Local Farmers & BlossomPure

    BlossomPure Organic Presents: Imam Zaid Shakir explaining the importance of supporting local ethical farmers and why you should support BlossomPure.

    Filmed at BlossomPure’s flagship store in Toronto, Canada on Jan 01, 2017.

    Follow Imam Zaid Shakir here.

    BlossomPure started building partnerships with ethical local farmers to help them continue farming, despite competition with corporations threatening to drive them out of business. By supporting our local farmers, it contributes to our local economy, reduces the carbon footprint, provides the most nutritional value to consumers, and creates a more direct connection between consumers and those producing their food.

    Blossom Pure
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