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    September on the Farm - Pastured Eggs

    Here at Blossompure Organic, we source our eggs from local Mennonite farms. These pastured hens spend their days roaming freely, with access to sunshine and fresh air. Their coop is placed in the middle of the pasture field and is moved around every few days. The hens have fresh grass to pick from during the day that has never been sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and are also fed certified organic grain. They are never given hormones or antibiotics.

    This video was taken by Fahim Alwan (Founder of Blossompure). He visits his farmers frequently to maintain a strong connection.

    September on the Farm - 100% Grass-Fed Beef

    Fahim Alwan (Founder of Blossompure) visits his farmers frequently to maintain a strong connection. Here are some recent pictures of our 100% grass-fed cows, roaming freely on local pastures!


    BlossomPure Local Farm

    BlossomPure Local Grass-Fed Beef

    BlossomPure Grass-Fed Beef


    Here at Blossompure, we source our 100% grass-fed beef from conscientious Mennonite and other small farmers within 100 miles from our shop.

    The animals are free-range. They have never been given hormones or antibiotics, nor had animal by-products or GMOs in their feed. They graze on the pasture during summer and are fed hay in the winter. We work closely with the farmers to naturally enhance the animal breed and increase healthy fats in the meat.

    15th Anniversary Celebration BBQ!

    Dear Customers,

    On Saturday, September 23rd, Blossompure Organic will be hosting a BBQ in celebration of 15 years of providing local, fresh, ethical foods.

    Join us from 12-5 PM and enjoy the taste and quality of 100% grass-fed BBQ'd beef hot dogs and patties, try out demos from our suppliers, and take home a gift bag of samples! (First come, first serve)

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    BlossomPure Organic BBQ


    East Mall Industrial CT, Unit 15

    100 The East Mall

    Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2

    This Is Where Our Pastured Chicken Eggs Come From!

    At BlossomPure we carry pastured chicken eggs from local Mennonite farms. Here is a glimpse...

    The video was taken by Fahim Alwan (Founder of BlossomPure). He visits his farmers frequently to maintain a better connection.

    The farmer's children help on the farm and use a pony-powered cart to get out to pasture!


    Imam Zaid Shakir: Support Local Farmers & BlossomPure

    BlossomPure Organic Presents: Imam Zaid Shakir explaining the importance of supporting local ethical farmers and why you should support BlossomPure.

    Filmed at BlossomPure’s flagship store in Toronto, Canada on Jan 01, 2017.

    Follow Imam Zaid Shakir here.

    BlossomPure started building partnerships with ethical local farmers to help them continue farming, despite competition with corporations threatening to drive them out of business. By supporting our local farmers, it contributes to our local economy, reduces the carbon footprint, provides the most nutritional value to consumers, and creates a more direct connection between consumers and those producing their food.



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