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    Chicken & Poultry

    Chicken & Poultry

    We offer both certified organic and free-range pasture-fed chicken. 

    Chickens are peckers by nature. Their main diet is grain, and will also eat grass, worms, and stones.

    Organic Chicken:
    Our organic chickens come from small, certified organic farms in Quebec. They are raised free-run indoors with abundance of space to move. When they are around 30 days they are given access to an outdoor area, weather-permitting. They are fed a certified organic grain diet.

    Pasture-raised Poultry:
    Our pasture-raised turkey, chicken and duck, are raised outdoors by local Mennonite farmers, who are located within a 100-mile radius. They are free range and have full access to fresh air, sunshine, and fresh grass daily. They are fed GMO-free grain and the grass has never been sprayed with pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Also, they are never given hormones or antibiotics.





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