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    Have you ever wished to find an organic food source that you can trust? Wouldn’t you love it if you had a connection to where your products come from?


    Welcome to BlossomPure!

    Our story begins in 2002. After spending over 15 years providing services to both hospitals and the health food industry, I realized that the key to good health begins in the stomach, as per the prophetic saying which states, “The stomach is the house of disease, and prevention is the best medicine”. Upon understanding the importance of eating wholesome food to prevent disease-causing toxins from building up in our bodies, I became committed to providing ethically sourced, truly halal, and tayyib meat to my family and our community.

    After the overwhelmingly positive response I received from the community, I started building partnerships with ethical local farmers to help them continue farming, despite competition with corporations threatening to drive them out of business. By supporting our local farmers, it contributes to our local economy, reduces the carbon footprint, provides the most nutritional value to consumers, and creates a more direct connection between consumers and those producing their food.




    As my journey continued, I realized that most of the products available in major grocery stores have either very little nutritional value, or are actively harmful to personal and social well-being. This is due to conventional products being unethically sourced, which undermines the livelihood of local farmers, and farm workers, and is detrimental to the welfare of animals, soil, and water reserves on account of the use of pollutants, and the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO) intended to increase quantity at the expense of quality.

    When we as consumers financially support operations that profit from the exploitation and oppression of God’s creation (whether human, animal, or environmental), not only does it negatively impact our physical health, it harms us spiritually as well. It’s our responsibility to ensure that what we consume has been ethically sourced and produced in the spirit of mercy and justice to all parties involved.

    It is my dream to continue expanding our services throughout North America as the trusted source for wholesome, ethically sourced food, and to raise awareness of the importance of conscientious consumption as humans.

    Fahim Alwan

    Founder of BlossomPure Organic





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