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    BlossomPure's 100% grass-fed beef:


    You'll find grass-fed beef is leaner than conventional (grain-fed) beef. While strong white marbling is prized, we truly believe for the animal's health that their diet should be as natural as possible. This not only ensures their health, but ultimately our own. We work closely with our farmers to naturally enhance the animal breed and increase healthy fats in the meat. 

    Our cattle are personally selected by us, and we harvest and break down the entire animal ourselves. Our skilled meat department expertly carves all cuts - brisket, roasts, prime streaks, cutlets, stir-fry strips, stew, and ground beef. We also have marrow bones, beef liver, and suet. We vacuum-seal in approximately one pound portions for most cuts.

    We are able (with some notice) to prepare a half beef, quarter hind, or any custom cut you require. Specific packaging and discounts for bulk are available.

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