Organic Boneless Chicken Breast ( Pack of 2 Breast ~ 14 oz )


Certified Organic Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast

One of the most versatile meats, boneless chicken breast is an excellent choice on its own, in a stir-fry, or added to your favourite salad! Try it seared in a lemongrass broth, or seasoned with soy sauce and cilantro. For recipes and serving ideas, check out our Pinterest!

Our organic chickens come from small, certified organic farms in Quebec. They are raised free-run indoors with abundance of space to move. When they are around 30 days they are given access to an outdoor area, weather-permitting. They are fed a certified organic grain diet.


**Always use a meat thermometer to ensure poultry has reached optimal internal temperature: 165 ºF / 74 ºC

**Weight and colour may vary 

Weight might vary by up to 5-10%


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