KORYFE Happy Tea


KORYFE Happy Tea is an uplifting and sweet blend of all-natural loose leaf Greek Mountain Tea, Sage, Thyme, Acacia Flowers, and Rose Petals.

Experience the peak of wellness. This carefully crafted tea blend offers many wellness benefits thanks to its unique mixture of all-natural hand-picked herbs sourced straight from Crete, Greece.

  • Greek Mountain Tea: this ancient herb is said to have potent antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antioxidant qualities. It is also said to be immune boosting; drinking two to three cups of Greek mountain tea every day is thought to help prevent / fight flu symptoms and stress-related ailments such as chest infections, a foggy head, digestive complaints, fatigue, and anxiety.

  • Sage: loaded with antioxidants that are linked to several health benefits, including improved brain function and memory.

  • Thyme: said to be an immune and mood boosting herb; also said to suppress inflammation.

  • Acacia Flowers: said to promote good bacteria in the intestines.

  • Rose Petals: said to contain antioxidants, enhance mood, and relieve headaches.