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    Online Store Administrator

    Reports To

    Fahim Alwan, Chief Executive Officer

    Job Summary

    The Online Store Administrator, under the direction of Fahim Alwan, will primarily be responsible for streamlining and operating the online store system as well as helping to implement new systems within the organization.  This position will use declared knowledge of website design. This role will also always maintain professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to portray the company in a positive manner. The Online Store Administrator must possess ability to quickly note new product knowledge, and upload details effectively to online customers.


    • Adaptability - Adapts and responds to changing conditions, priorities, technologies, and requirements.
    • Communication - Expresses and transmits information with consistency and clarity.
    • Cultural Sensitivity - Promotes an inclusive environment exemplified by understanding all cultural groups.
    • Problem Solving - Able to break down a situation into smaller pieces to identify key issues and figure out cause and effect relationships in order to solve. Use logic and analytical methods to come to realistic solution.
    • Professionalism - Demonstrates professional standards of conduct when governing interactions between individuals in a business environment.
    • Time Management - Balances a myriad of tasks; prioritizes duties as needed.


    Job Duties

    • Welcome new and existing on-line customers.
    • Use active listening skills and product knowledge to effectively match customer needs with our products
    • Always maintain professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to portray the company in a positive manner
    • Accurately take down special orders, messages and requests; as required
    • Maintain a high level of product and service knowledge
    • Maintain a high level of customer service; particularly, for on-line customers
    • Keep abreast of all the products, new, constant and discontinued—update on-line information accordingly
    • Proactively attend to on-line customer complaints in a professional manner
    • Other duties as required

    Job Requirements

    • Ability to quickly pick up new product knowledge, and communicate that knowledge effectively to customers
    • Enthusiasm to approach on-line customers, discern their needs and offer the best solution
    • Passion for healthy lifestyle, organic, grass-fed, locally sourced foods
    • Ability to take initiative to learn and provide the highest standard quality of service

    Work Conditions

    • Flexible hours including evenings and weekends.
    • Interaction with customers/clients, and the health-conscious public
    • Operation of desktop computer and peripherals






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