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    If you live in Montreal, you can still shop online, and pick up your order at a local location closer to you. This helps you save on time and save on travel!

    We will announce every drop off delivery round two weeks ahead of time. So follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our blog posts to stay up to date with the next drop off round. 

    Our Next Montreal Delivery Drop Off Dates:

    • December 7th Dispatch, order cut off November 23rd, Drop off Saturday December 9th
    • February 1st Dispatch, order cut off January 25th, Drop off Saturday February 3rd
    • April 12th Dispatch, order cut off April 5th, Drop off Saturday April 14th

     How it works for Montreal:

    • Shop online and place your order at least 7 days before delivery date
    • Your order must be at least $100 ($20 delivery for Montreal) or $250 CAD ($10 delivery for Montreal)
    • You will receive details regarding where & when to pick up your order on the delivery day
    • Pick up your order at the designated location within 45 minutes

    Bon appétit. Enjoy our products!



    If you have any questions, please contact us here or call us at 905-891-2005


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