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    In-Store Only

    Grass-fed Ontario lamb


    Pastured Goat Meat Now Available - For a Limited Time Only

    • Frozen Only
    • Curry Cut Only

    Pastured Lamb Meat Now Available - For a Limited Time Only

    • Fresh Lamb Available - Limited Supply
    • Frozen Lamb Available
    • Half and Whole Lambs Available to Order - Please Call Us at (905) 891-2005

    100% Grass-Fed Beef Available Always

    • Fresh & Frozen
    • Whole, Half, and Quarter Beef Available to Order - Please Call Us at (905) 891-2005

    Monthly Specials!

    All February Specials below apply to in-store sales only.

    Meat Sales

    • 10% OFF Organic Chicken Legs
    • 10% OFF Organic Chicken Bone-In Thigh
    • 15% OFF Grass-Fed Braising Ribs
    • 15% OFF Grass-Fed NY Striploin
    • 15% OFF Grass-Fed Ribeye
    • 15% OFF Grass-Fed Eye of Round

    Conditions: Debit and cash only. Frozen items only. While quantities last. Not to be used in combination with other specials

    Be sure to visit our store before the end of February to take advantage of these specials!




    Available In-Store Only