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    We offer both free-range certified organic chicken, as well as pasture-raised chicken (available seasonally in-store: no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs). Our pastured, D&H free, GMO free turkey are available Thanksgiving through Easter. We occasionally have organic ducks and geese available as well!

    Our in-house butchers prepare all cuts of chickens, from boneless breast to curry cuts to wings and drumsticks, and whole chickens are always available. Custom and bulk orders are our favourite!

    Pasture-raised chicken (in-store only)
    Our pasture-raised turkey, chicken, and ducks are raised outdoors on pasture by local Mennonite farmers, who are located within a 100-mile radius. They are free range and have full access to fresh air, sunshine, and fresh grass daily. No hormones, antibiotics, or medications. They are forage in the grass for insects, worms, plants, seeds, and are supplement as needed with organic, GMO-free grain and vegetables. Raised outdoors on grass with NO pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. 

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    Available In-Store Only