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    We carry Harmony Organic milks and creams in both cartons and glass bottles. Their cows are out on pasture in the warmer months and live a natural, healthy life. A grass-fed diet is ideal for cows and produces the most nutrient dense dairy.

    We also have Organic Meadow's grass-fed milk in 4L bags, and Hewitt's organic goat milk.

    We are big fans of Saugeen Organic and have been carrying their organic yogurt and kefir for over a decade now.

    Our cheeses are an ever-changing board (pardon the pun) of local and Quebec raw cheddars, mozzerellas, bries, and goat cheeses.

    Grass-fed butter is an incredible, popular item that flies off the shelf - pick up a block today!

    Psst...we also carry a variety of non-dairy cheeses, almond and coconut milks including Healing Spirit Nutrition's amazing coconut kefir!



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