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    New BlossomPure Terms & Definitions

    At BlossomPure, we believe in bringing the best of the farm to your table. 

    Below is a list of additional terms used at BlossomPure along with their definitions. Click here for the full list!

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    “Free-range”, “free-run”, and “naturally raised” are not well-defined terms, which is why we prefer the term pastured --- out in the grass, under the sun. Hens lay their eggs in grass and clover while sheep and cows graze in nearby pastures as the were meant to. 

    The benefits include, but are not limited to:  


    Animal Welfare:

    Animals raised outdoors are happier and healthier, and have fuller, more natural life cycles. They are able to forage and develop muscle naturally, and are far more resistant to disease.   


    Human Health:

    We are what we eat, so when we consume animal products that have been raised on a varied diet, free of all antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs- our diets have higher levels of vitamins, fatty acids, and omegas.   


    Environmentally Sustainable:

    Our farmers use biodynamic farming practices, live in harmony with nature, and work hard to reduce their carbon footprint. As the Iroquois quote goes, "In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the next seven generations".  

    We believe in the 100-mile diet, and sourcing local foods and farms as close to home as possible. We want to strengthen our rural communities; farmers feed cities!  


    We hope this is useful :)

    Welcome to the Resource Center

    At BlossomPure, we consider it part of our responsibility to keep our customers knowledgeable about our products, and all principles we believe in.  Here you will find a collection or articles and resources about organic and GMO-free topics, sustainability, and all you need to know and keep updated with about the food you eat. 

    Stay tuned! 

    BlossomPure's Pastured Beef

    April 2nd, 2016


    At BlossomPure, we pride ourselves on the quality our farmers produce. When raising our meat, we believe in environmentally conscious, sustainable, and biodynamic farming practices, ethical treatment of all animals, and free-range grazing of herds and flocks.

    Pastured and grass-fed meats are not just a new trend, it's the best way to raise animals- in a natural environment, on the most wholesome diet they were meant to be on. The animals roam the fields, consuming a wide variety of grasses and foliage to ensure a healthy and flavourful diet. They also receive adequate exercise to develop their muscles and immune system.

    Pastured beef, lamb, and occasionally chicken is now available at BlossomPure. 

    (Limited quantities- order while supplies last)

    Check out some of  our fantastic steaks below! 





    Available In-Store Only